Know the feeling?

(Hint: You're not alone.)

You find the perfect place online

...and then discover that it was sold a week ago. You've wasted your time, and you're feeling disappointed. Those online tools aren't all they're cracked up to be.

You put in your offer

...and discover that 10 other people have already offered, even though the house has only been on the market for a day.

The avalanche of offers overwhelming. You're grateful to have people competing for your home, but sorting through all the options, and letting people waive their protections - it's a difficult choice.
You're sure there's a secret club
...of people that have better information than you. Maybe you need someone with a little more experience on your side.
Real estate markets can
...shift suddenly. This makes it hard for clients to know how to proceed. 
Too many tools
...and not enough time. It's easy to rely on popular apps and tools, but some are unreliable and entirely automated. They don't have the knowledge of a real person (and they tend to have outdated information!).
tree and white picket fence icon

In a perfect world...

...someone would make this an easy-to-navigate process that gets you the best insights for the best decision.

But, that's easier said than done.

You need up-to-date expertise

What you need are the facts and insights of an experienced expert so your purchase or sale delivers the best fit for you.

  • You need full support throughout the process
  • You need your interests to be protected
  • You need to maximize your purchase or proceeds
1st Choice Buying Selling Checklist

1st Choice Buying/Selling a Home Checklist

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The Only Buying/Selling Checklist You'll Ever Need in FXBG

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There is a right (and wrong) fit in your next purchase or sale.

Avoid these 3 pitfalls when choosing the right real estate fit.


1. The promise of convenience

There are a lot of automated systems that make you just another cog in the real estate transaction. The best they can offer is whatever logic someone puts into the algorithm. The problem is, you aren't a cog: you're the one who needs to buy or sell a home.

2. The lure of an office on every corner

Don't risk your real estate success on a rookie agent! Choose expertise over good intentions. Be the priority, not the practice. Your dream home deserves seasoned guidance.

3. Counting on required disclosure

Disclosing just what is required can leave you without critical insights about your real estate decisions. You deserve to know vital details an experienced agent can share.