The 1st Choice Team

Dedicated to our RightFitRE principles, our agents work to create a clear, transparent, and highly valuable process for every client. 

Meet Our Team

Linda Canty
Associate Broker/Realtor®
Sha Hinnant
C. Lynn Lenahan
Associate Broker/Realtor®
Carrie Danko
Ginny Vickers
Donnal Seay
Greg & Penny Traber
Kevin Bethell
Marla Aste
Ruth Campbell
Beth Pannell
Lauren & AJ Johnson
Milton Branch, Jr.
Sharlene Capobianco
Corrine Macon
Jennifer Sansone
Iesha Phillips
Jen Parker
Scott Anderson

The Management Team

Tricia Barnes
Associate Broker/Realtor® & Office Manager
Ann Black
Penny Traber
Realtor®/Sales Manager
DeAnna Hamn
Realtor®/Admin. Assistant
LeAnn Black
Realtor®/Research, Development & Technology