Discovering a new way to real estate

Exiting corporate real estate

After managing a major real estate firm, founder Ann Black discovered that the corporate model of doing real estate was the wrong fit for her agents and her clients.

Developing a new culture

In 1990, Ann established 1st Choice Better Homes & Land, introducing a real estate culture that treats customers like family. Her personalized approach, an alternative to typical real estate, changed how clients discover the perfect fit.

The RightFitRE legacy

Ann's agents have taken up the Right FitRE mantle and continue to serve clients quality over quantity.

Your agent should be working towards the Right Fit for you.

A Right Fit requires transparency, deeper market insights, and focused concierge services that are only possible with the personal attention of a proven agent.

For your best listing or purchase, find an agent that has:

Proven Expertise

Automated tools can never deliver the years of experience and knowledge that a proven agent brings. Don't settle for something less.

Transparent Insights

Your agent should deliver information that surpasses the bare minimum state requirements for a better insight into the opportunity.

Concierge Approach

You should never be just another transaction, but should expect a laser focus on your needs and goals, and the best opportunities in the market.

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