Discovering a new way to real estate

Escaping corporate real estate

After managing a major real estate chain, founder Ann Black discovered that the corporate model of doing real estate was the wrong fit for her family and her clients.

Developing a new culture

In 1990, Ann founded 1st Choice Better Homes and Land. She developed a new real estate culture that values customers like family. Her concierge alternative to auto-pilot real estate transformed the way customers found a Right Fit deal.

The RightFitRE legacy

Her children, grandchildren, and even a great-niece, have taken up the Right FitRE mantel and continue to serve clients quality over quantity.

Your agent should always be working for right fit real estate.

A Right Fit requires transparency, deeper market insights, and focused concierge services that are only possible with the personal attention of a proven agent.

For your best listing or purchase, find an agent that has:

Proven Expertise

Automated tools can never deliver the years of experience and knowledge that a proven agent brings. Don't settle for something less.

Transparent Insights

Your agent should deliver information that surpasses the bare minimum state requirements for a better insight into the opportunity.

Concierge Approach

You should never be just another transaction, but should expect a laser focus on your needs and goals, and the best opportunities in the market.

Happy Clients

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We were completely delighted with the service we got from our agent. From screening applicants to dealing with our established tenants, we always felt confident that our interests and the tenants' were competently handled in a friendly, responsible, and responsive manner. We were so pleased that we referred some friends to 1st Choice to manage several properties they owned, encompassing multiple apartments. They were equally happy.

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Dr. Jay Brock

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I have had the opportunity to work with 1st Choice BH&L many times. I have utilized 1st Choice to buy and sell several homes over the years. I now utilize them as my property management team. It is so nice to have 100% confidence that your agent and broker have your best interest at the center of every interaction! They ARE PROS. I can honestly say these agents are my 1st Choice!

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Kim Nelson

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1st Choice sets high standards for client service. The agents are truly interested in the welfare of their clients and work to find the best property at the best price for their sellers. 1st Choice stands for integrity first, clients and their families first, agents' education and welfare first.

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Shirley Sorrentino

Discover Your RightFitRE

If you are ready for more than just an automated search, discover the benefits of experience, transparency and values.