10325 Watford Lane, Fredericksburg, VA 22408

10325 Watford Lane 22408 28.PNG

Not your momma's brick house. Imagine yourself with a thought balloon and read on--Brick house, front porch, paved driveway. It looks charming, inviting, nice curb appeal. I like the brick (and vinyl on the side). Not much maintenance, that's good. The grass is nice and green for this time of year. The sidewalk kind of hugs me as I walk toward the house. Quaint landscaping, simple and tastefully done. It looks really easy to take care of. The covered front porch is nice. It's kind of private, nestled back behind the landscaping. It would be a cozy place for morning coffee when it warms up...nice to watch the rain from too. Let's open this door. WOW! Look at this wide open space! It's about 2000 sq ft of gorgeous. I just want to take a deep breath and twirl around like they did in the movie La-La Land. I can definitely spread out here...wonder if I can make this happen before the Super Bowl? I can invite a LOT of people over with this much room. (Ahem, I might be making a trip to Costco for a bigger TV) I could put all the snacks and drinks at the kitchen bar. If it's cold and rainy or snowy, I can crank up the gas fireplace and cozy everything up. By Easter I could really have it decorated just the way I want it. I guess dinner's at our house this year with that nice big dining room AND the extra table space between the kitchen. Man, look...at...this...kitchen! I'm going to have to buy more stuff to put in all the cabinets. I could do that. I've been itching to tap into my "inner chef"...why not, big kitchen, big ideas! That means more groceries though. Pantry?...yep! And the garage entrance is right near the kitchen, that's a plus for getting said groceries into the house. Okay, so, what about this Split bedroom plan, I hear it's like the best floor plan for a rambler. Two bedrooms on one side and then MY room on the other whole side. Sweet. Let's check out the master first. Definitely plenty of room for the king size bed. Closet... Whaaaat? Closet(s)...plural...double WALK-IN closets. I don't know why but there never seems to be enough closet space. Not a problem here, that's for sure. Look at this big bathroom, FINALLY! It has a separate shower AND a jetted tub, love it. And look, I have my own vanity and my honey has the other. (Love you babe, but I'm tired of sharing). OK, let's see the other side of the house. Wow! These two bedrooms are awesome. I expected them to be little but no, they are great. The closets are HUGE. I'm impressed. It's nice that the bathroom separates the rooms. Speaking of the bathroom, I could hold a barn dance in there. You sure can tell this is a custom built house. 9' ceilings, 36" wide halls, transom windows, tons of recessed lighting, wide crown molding...this is quality for sure. So, the yard. The front yard is really nice, I wonder about the back. Hey, it's lovely, no trees to worry about. It's wide open and gets lots of sunshine. I can finally plant a garden. AND it's fenced. Perfect! What's that area of trees behind the fence between me and my back neighbor? Common area. That's good, it gives us a little buffer between our yards. I missed the laundry room. There it is between the garage and the hall near the kitchen. That laundry sink is handy for dirty hands and clothes from whatever goes on in that man cave of a garage. It's nice, we can use the garage as a garage AND have room for storage and a workbench. And if "we" are working in the garage on something like a car or a motorcycle, when all finished, the first step "we" make in the house is in this laundry room where "we" can take care of dirty clothes, shoes and hands first thing without tracking through the house. Wow. This house has it all. It really does. It's exactly what I have been looking for. That's it. Done looking. This is the one. I want it. If you told me it was gone I would be disappointed so let's do this!

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